Please help my friend Fatima, and support Fatima’s UK Campaign for children and young people in the care system sector - they need your help. There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace.

Carol Vorderman

Support my friend… Fatima’s UK Campaign. She is doing a wonderful job for our children and young people. Making change is important to bring change. A child who has experienced trauma will sometimes show they feel connected to an attachment figure by releasing all their big emotions in their presence. What may appear as disconnection may be a sign of trust.

Alison Hammond

Fatima’s passion and desire to drive proper support and funding into looking after children in care is second to none. Fatima’s Campaign is something I have been following since this amazing woman started it. Seeing how she has developed and pushed it forward is inspiring, but also, is much needed. Children in care should not be forgotten about, investing in them means they will get to experience the love and support that all of them deserve. It also means they are given the opportunity to, potentially, excel into their adult years. If you can get involved, then please do.

Jason Fox

I’ve genuinely never met anyone more hardworking, selfless or dedicated to helping people than Fatima. That’s why I am beyond proud to be supporting Fatima’s UK Campaign supporting children and young people in the care system. A massive issue we have on our hands is the amount of young people and children in desperate situations, who need that encouragement and care more than ever. As a country we’re facing tougher times than ever, and initiatives like this are more than important. I take my hat off to Fatima and everyone else working so hard to make change with such a pressing issue. Anything we can do to help make children’s lives better should be top priority and taking even a small leaf out of Fatima’s book would be a massive help!

Jordan Banjo

I am delighted to support Fatima's UK Campaign to help children in the care system. Children come into the system for all sorts of reasons, all beyond their control, but their experience within the system can make things a lot better - or a great deal worse. Years ago, as a Birmingham City Councillor then an MP, I saw only the misery as cases landed on my desk, but more recently in my own family and my friendship groups, I've seen how exceptional social workers can help bring a life around, to give children a chance of a great future after a disastrous beginning. The more support and understanding we can offer, the more the good outcomes will happen for all concerned, Go Fatima, we love you.

Edwina Currie

I really hope you all get behind Fatima’s UK Campaign. I know if anyone can make life chances better for children and young people in care it’s Fatima. People raised on love see things differently than those raised on survival. Help my friend Fatima.

Shaun Ryder, Happy Mondays

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